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Age: From 6 years (if your child has not attended MASS swimming school before, we recommend a lower level if the child is younger than 6 years)


Prior knowledge


  • The goals of previous levels must be achieved.


Pool and lesson time


  • Lesson time: 30 minutes
  • Teaching place: Åbybadet (in deep water, 120-150 cm)


This is what we train on


Continued training on the back crawl and front crawl, as well as breaststroke. Gradually, we swim up to 100 meters without rest. We also train on butterfly kicks, standing dives and moments for continued training on water habits.





  • Swim 100 meters in a row, 50 meters of back crawl and 50 meters front crawl.
  • 25 meter breaststroke kicks without a kickboard
  • Standing dive from the low edge


Swimming badges linked to this level: Järnmärket, Bronshajen and Silver hajen.