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Age: From 4 years (if your child is not comfortable in the water, you should always start at this level)

Please note that at all levels, the children are in the water themselves, without a parent.


Prior knowledge


  • Be mature enough to be alone in the pool together with other children and instructors. No parents in the water.


Pool and lesson time


  • Lesson time: 30 minutes
  • Teaching place: Åbybadet (pool depth about 80 cm)


This is what we train on 


Having fun and feeling safe in the water. The first step is to be safe with getting water in your face, and then be able to dip your face after that your whole head. We also practice a lot of floating and glide in back and front positions and how to safely stand up from a horizontal position. Getting into the water and then back up on the edge, we practice through different jumps.




  • Bubble with mouth and nose under the water
  • Dip your entire head five times in a row
  • Float and glide independently in back and front positions
  • Jump off the edge of shallow water


Swimming badges linked to this level: Baddaren grön and Baddaren Blå.