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Stroke School is aimed at children who can swim (200m including 50m on your back) and who want to continue swimming as a sport, or who just want to swim to feel good. Once the goals for Hajen have been achieved, the Stroke School is the next step. The Stroke School is divided into two stages, Stroke School 1 (trains one day / week) and Stroke School 2 (trains two days / week). There is also a version of Stroke School 1 that focuses a little extra on crawl - Stroke School 1 Crawl. This group is aimed at new members who have not attended our swim school previously. In this group, the focus is on learning back and front crawl, as well as basic water habits and water position.


To start in stroke school, you must know the basics of breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. In the stroke school we practice all four swimming methods (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle). We also practice skills such as diving and push-offs underwater. All our coaches are trained via the Swedish Swimming Associations training system and undergo CPR-training once a year. All coaches must also present an extract from the police record on an ongoing basis during their employment with us.


The stroke school is a more limited activity than the swim school in terms of which days and times are offered. We are aware that the days and times offered do not work for everyone, but we set up a schedule that works considering the times we have available in the swimming pool. Before each semester, you book a place yourself via our booking page, if you wish to continue swimming next semester.


All stroke school groups swim at Lilla Åbybadet. There are 12-16 children and two instructors / group. The groups are divided according to age, so that we can adapt the training in the best way. The coaches also adapt a lot on site. The course time is 60 minutes. A course for stroke school 1 includes 14-15 lessons and for stroke school 2 28-30 lessons. After stroke school 2 training follows in one of our training or competition groups.





Stroke School 1 / Stroke School 1 Crawl 14-15 occasions 1525 kr including entry fee* + 200 kr in membership fee/year
Stroke School 2 28-30 occasions 1825 kr including entry fee* + 200 kr in membership fee/year

* Entry fee to Åbybadet (run by the city of Mölndal) is included in the tuition fee. The first semester of the stroke school, an entrance card is picked up at the swimming pool reception. This card is then updated before each new semester.



See the course scheme for stroke school for the spring 2022 here.