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Age: From 4.5 years (if your child is younger than 5.5 years and has not joined us before, we recommend starting in Baddaren)


Prior knowledge


  • Be safe in and around water and achieve the goals from the group Baddaren.


Pool and lesson time


  • Lesson time: 30 minutes
  • Teaching place: Åbybadet (pool depth about 80 cm)


This is what we train on


Water habits remain an important part and we practice a lot bubble, float, jump and move in different directions in the water. We also start kicking on our back and stomach, as well as practicing the arms in the backcrawl. To be safe in deep water, we train bubbling, jumping and gliding in back and stomach positions in a deep pool.




  • Rotate from back to stomach positions, without putting your feet on the bottom
  • Swim 10 meters backcrawl in shallow water
  • Be safe in deep water (be able to bubble, jump and glide into the edge on back and stomach position)


Swim marks linked to this level: Baddaren Gul, Sköldpaddan, Bläckfisken and Silverpingvinen.