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Age: From 5.5 years (if your child has not attended MASS swimming school before, we recommend a lower level if the child is younger than 5 years)


Prior knowledge


  • The goals of the Sköldpaddan and Pingvinen must be achieved.


Pool and lesson time


  • Lesson time: 30 minutes
  • Teaching place: Åbybadet (in deep water, 120-150 cm)


This is what we train on


The first level of deep water and we always start by getting comfortable with the depth of the pool by jumping, dipping and floating. We practice a lot of different breathing exercises and continue to practice on back and front crawl. Breaststroke kicks and dives from the low edge are new moments in this level.




  • Pick up items on the bottom with two hands (at least 120 cm deep)
  • Swim 25 feet of back and front crawl in deep water
  • Dive from the low edge
  • Be familiar with breaststroke kicks


Swimming marks linked to this level: Silverfisken and Guldfisken.