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Age: From 5 years (if your child has not attended MASS swim school before, we recommend a lower level if the child is younger than 5 years)


Prior knowledge


  • The goals of the groups Baddaren and Sköldpaddan must be achieved.


Pool and lesson time


  • Lesson time: 30 minutes
  • Teaching place: Åbybadet (pool depth about 80 cm)


This is what we train on


We continue to practice water habits by bubble, float, jump and move in different directions in the water. Kicks on the stomach and back are built on with the arms in back and stomach position. Being able to breathe on the side on front crawl is also an important moment. We continue to practice being safe in deep water and build on water habits by swimming up to 10 meters on our back and stomach.




  • Pick up items on the bottom with two hands (shallow water)
  • Swim 10 meters of back crawl and front crawl in deep water
  • Float independently in deep water for at least 10 seconds


Swimming badges linked to this level: Guld Pingvinen.