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In MASS we offer competitive- and recreational swimming groups on different levels, depending on age, prior knowledge and ambitions.


Our competitive swimming track is based on our values: heart leads to development and development leads to success. We value having fun together, to be able to improve and reach success. We want our swimmers to look forward to their training. Play, technique and goal-oriented training are key words in our organization. When the swimmer reaches a higher level in our group system, the training becomes more individually goal oriented.


Our recreational swimming track is more focused on health and swimming on your own terms. The main goal is to develop all four strokes and improve endurance. All recreational groups swim two times a week (60 minutes each time) and the sessions are split between technique- and longer distance swimming.


Are you interested in competitive- or recreational swimming for you or your child? Then we recommend you to send an email to our office, for more guidance regarding the right group for you or your child.