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We always strive to be able to offer swimming activities for everyone and therefore we run activities for para. That includes both para swimming school, para stroke school and para training/competition groups. This activity is aimed at children and young people who do not have the opportunity to swim in a group with many participants or who need extra support. We offer activities for children and young people with mobility impairments, intellectual disabilities and for children with a visual impairment.


The different groups in the swimming school are runnning in two different swimming pools: Stages 1-3 run at Streteredsbadet in Kållered and Stages 4-5 take place in Lilla Åbybadet in Mölndal. In these groups we go through the basics of swimming and to be comfortable in water. Remaining groups: the para stroke school groups and the para training/competition groups swim at Lilla Åbybadet in Mölndal. In these groups there is a greater focus on swimming as a form of exercise, as well as developing their swimming technique.


When you have passed Stage 5 of the para swim school you are considered a swimmer (according to Swedish definition): you can fall into the water, get your head under the surface and after getting back to the surface, swim 200 meters in deep water whence 50 meters is on your back. If you want to continue swimming after para swimming school, stroke school is the next step.


All our coaches are educated via the Swedish Swimming Federation’s education structure and undergo CPR-training once a year. All coaches must also present an extract from the police record on an ongoing basis during their employment with us.





Swimming School 14-15 occasions 1620 kr including entry fee* + 200 kr in membership fee/year
Stroke School/Recreational/Competition 14-15 occasions (competition group has a few more occasions) 2000 kr including entry fee* + 200 kr in membership fee/year

* Entry fee to Åbybadet (run by the city of Mölndal) is included in the tuition fee. The first semester of the stroke school, an entrance card is picked up at the swimming pool reception. This card is then updated before each new semester.



See the course scheme for stroke school for the spring 2022 here.